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End-to-End Routing, Scheduling, Dispatch, Mobility and BI Software

WIN your deliveries with TMW FinalMile
Driving efficiency and cost-savings in fleet operations is an ongoing challenge, and the last mile of delivery is often the most critical piece of the distribution puzzle for many companies. Customer expectations, government regulations, and e-commerce are increasing the complexity of handling multi-stop, multi-order delivery operations. And manual route planning can be time-consuming, paper-intensive, stressful and error-prone.

Improve distribution efficiency and customer service while dramatically reducing planning time, overhead, and empty mileage with TMW FinalMile: a complete end-to-end platform that includes routing, scheduling, dispatching, mobility and business intelligence.

TMW’s FinalMile software can help reduce total transportation expenses and optimize the use of available resources, from drivers and service people to vehicles and trailers.

FinalMile DirectRoute truck routing software

With TMW FinalMile, you can:

  • Effectively handle last-minute changes and provide customers with visibility to their deliveries, reducing calls and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Employ dynamic or static routing to reduce delivery time, fuel costs and empty miles.
  • Provide more efficient routes and greater visibility to your drivers, improving their overall productivity and satisfaction.
  • Access robust reporting, business intelligence, KPIs and "what-if?" scenario modeling to easily analyze and improve driver, route and customer performance.

Multi-Stop Route Planning Software

Complex, multi-stop and multi-order routes become significantly easier to manage and execute with TMW FinalMile. A powerful tool for route planning of multiple orders/stops/service destinations, FinalMile is the ideal software solution for the final segment of local, regional, or long-haul deliveries. Better planning enables more useful tracking and monitoring, with increased visibility and accuracy for arrival times, better customer service and proactive dispatch management instead of reactive crisis management. Our truck route planning software easily integrates with your other business systems and can be configured to follow your unique business rules and requirements.

Route Optimization for Local Deliveries

Local delivery or distribution operations often deal with high customer density and tight delivery timelines. TMW routing software allows you to reduce planning time to minutes each day, reduce total miles driven, dispatch fewer trucks to supply the same number of customers and improve on-time performance and customer service.

Our route planning software incorporates your order info, service time windows, order volume and work constraints along with detailed, street level and truck-safe route data to generate the most efficient routes for your drivers. With geocoding options like address, ZIP, ZIP+4, telephone exchange and Points of Interest, the software can automatically create the most cost-effective and efficient local driving routes based on customer location, your vehicle capacity, driver requirements, and more. Connect quickly and easily to order management systems for information download and upload, to print pick tickets, for example.

Our route optimization software can help you improve your local deliveries by providing:

  • Instant updates of costs, mileage and hours as routes are modified
  • Integration with your existing order management system
  • More efficient routes that use your order info, time windows, volume and work constraints
  • Detailed maps and turn-by-turn driving directions for drivers
  • Data-sharing with your existing pick, load, dispatch, manifest and reporting systems
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Fleet Dispatch and Visibility

Fleet dispatch involves more than simply assigning drivers to routes. Vehicle restrictions, driver skill sets, tracking, driver communications and customer requirements are just some of the factors that need to be taken into account when solving the dispatch puzzle. TMW’s FinalMile dispatching software gives you the ability to easily and effectively manage the dispatch process and provides the flexibility to make last-minute route changes and send route updates to drivers in real-time.

Stay Connected to your Fleet

Our software integrates with your existing mobile solution (smartphones, tablets, or telematics devices) to provide you with real-time route visibility:

  • View live planned vs. actual route details, monitor real-time traffic and weather, and spot delivery window violations
  • Automatically send customers delivery ETA updates via text or email, or customers can obtain delivery updates at any time
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Territory Planning and Resource Optimization

Managing delivery schedules, adjusting sales or service territories and ensuring customers get the right products at the right time is part of the complexity of running fleet operations. An optimized territory plan results in fewer miles driven, reduced overtime needs and better-utilized resources.

Right-size your fleet to meet current and future growth plans with smarter investments. Use customer information, delivery time windows, equipment restrictions and even DOT rules in calculating optimized fleet size requirements for any routing scenario, for building 3PL proposals, capital budgeting and for business improvement.

FinalMile territory planning software helps you:

  • Easily balance complex data like sales volumes, service times, driver schedules, coverage area and more to help you operate efficiently and effectively
  • Eliminate territory overlap
  • Balance workloads and quickly create appropriate delivery and sales territories
  • Equalize earning opportunities and can quickly generate a return on your investment

Get Smarter Deliveries with Business Intelligence

From descriptive to prescriptive analytics and everything in between, FinalMile’s powerful reporting and BI tools give you the information you need to make strategic decisions based on performance measurements. Choose from a variety of pre-built reports, or create custom reporting with drag-and-drop functionality tailored to your operations.

Robust reporting provides:

  • Planned vs. actual comparisons
  • Driver performance data
  • Route profitability detail
  • And more!

The right intelligence allows companies to fine-tune delivery operations, enhance driver training, and improve fleet productivity. And FinalMile’s Business Intelligence makes it easy. With no technical expertise required, you can create reports and dashboards that provide visibility to data across your operations and deliveries. FinalMile BI provides meaningful, actionable insights from the data you already collect, empowering you to make better business decisions.

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