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WIN more business with Peak Visibility

As shippers are faced with increasingly-limited capacity, they’re seeking more accurate and timely reporting on freight throughout the entire shipment lifecycle. Those demands are now being passed to the carrier. Freight visibility technology puts power back into the carrier’s hands, providing real-time, 360-degree "Peak Visibility" views throughout the entire shipment lifecycle.

“The need to know where inventory is in the supply chain, not once or twice a day but in near real-time, has never been greater, driven by fulfillment cycles as tight as two hours, let alone two days.” - William Cassidy, Journal of Commerce

Get end-to-end, real-time data and analytics across your operation. By exposing the blind spots you didn’t even know you had, you get the information you need to make decisions that will positively impact your bottom line.

Peak Visibility technology empowers you to:

  • Win new customers: shippers are looking for carrier partners that are innovative and efficient. By providing complete freight visibility, you stand out from your competition to acquire new business.
  • Manage complex demands: real-time reporting reduces the number of touchpoints shippers have to make, improving workflow efficiency and overall satisfaction with the relationship. Freight visibility technology provides shippers with instant access to load status and validates delivery times.
  • Improve profitability: providing visibility to your customer improves their experience and improve customer retention: easily highlight inefficient and costly legs of the supply chain and minimize back-office stress.


Complete Integration Flow

The idea is simple: your data and your carrier/partner data is aggregated into the Peak Visibility engine. This includes all relevant freight data: loads, products, SKUs, stop locations, order information, shipment updates, temperature, etc.

Once all sources of data have been aggregated and proprietary algorithms applied, you are able to access clean, normalized data to upload into your TMS, ERP, or WMS. This information platform gives you access to real-time visibility, helps you make informed business decisions so that you can take action that moves your business forward.

Key Features

  • Robust filter and search capabilities allow you to identify exactly what’s moving on every order at every stop on every shipment.
  • Multimodal support for all Ocean, Rail, Intermodal, Full Truckload, LTL and Final Mile shipments – we have you and your customers covered.
  • Leverage existing business rules with custom preferences - define at-risk shipments, geo-fence sizes and custom notifications. 
  • Easily identify commodity types for all business units, products, brands, all the way down to SKU level. 
  • Know what’s being picked up and delivered where along with order level exception management.
  • Our exclusive Riskpulse partnership delivers predictive analytics to help you balance cost and risk on every shipment.
  • Get FSMA-Compliant temperature alerts
  • Best-in-class security infrastructure

Your customers, your locations, your rules; it’s your supply chain – we make it come alive. Win more business with Peak Visibility.

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Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.

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