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Matching your driver schedules to the rail and port schedules controlling container availability is key to drayage efficiency. Tracking per diem schedules for each container, balancing resource allocations for inbound and outbound moves, capturing repair and maintenance items and chassis rental can all be streamlined and automated with TMW solutions for intermodal freight. For more productive and profitable operations in drayage, and for greater logistics management control and visibility in multi-modal transportation and freight forwarding, turn to TMW.   

Intermodal transportation management systems optimize container movements and truck and driver resources

Intermodal Carrier Solutions

From road to rail and port, intermodal carrier and drayage management software from TMW Systems helps you monitor, manage and optimize container movements and truck and driver resources with our intermodal transportation management system. Our end-to-end intermodal management solutions integrate external data sources and services with internal dispatch, planning and financial systems for greater business efficiency and visibility. Use problem alerts and workflows to help you manage by exception and streamline standard operations for higher productivity. You need a system that is easy to administer, that goes above and beyond tracking containers. With TruckMate, you can manage drivers, power units, carriers and chassis to ensure your products get to where they need to be. Avoid the headaches caused by per diem charges and demurrage costs, or pass them on to billing with ease. A click of the mouse can plan complex movements and increase efficiency. TruckMate increases the visibility of lift charges and drayage costs on all freight bills. It even has a container yard management system fully integrated. This allows operators to add service offerings and income opportunities. We work with what you have in place already, making it easy to use for billing, accounting, and management departments, as well as drivers, shippers, and receivers. Manage everything from fuel taxes to empty miles with ease.

Container Tracking

TruckMate’s ContainerSeek feature means you do not have to manually track the arrival and availability of containers when they arrive at ports and other shipping locations. Not only does this feature help save you time, but it also enhances transparency to customers, avoids delays and means far lower container charges and penalties.

Rail Billing

Stop spending multiple hours manually entering and sending bills and contacting rail lines. TruckMate’s rail billing abilities allow all of this to occur electronically. Complete your rail reservations, transmit bills of lading and get their statuses all through software.

Chassis Billing

If the rise in new government regulations on chassis billing has you worried, TruckMate can help. It automates the capturing and billing of per-diem charges of chassis pools. Using a third-party supplier? No problem, you can establish automated billing for each customer and each shipment. It can even track pick-ups and drop-offs, locations and timings to cut down on fees and charges.

Additional Features:

  • Avoid demurrage and detention fees while you benefit from greater performance visibility
  • Track and manage all resources (trucks, chassis, containers, rail piggyback, drivers, etc.) in one system
  • Simplify order entry processes with automation that recognizes specific customer/carrier requirements
  • Streamline intermodal billing management with advanced rating automation
  • Capture potential per diem charges in advance to improve budgeting
  • Track damage and ongoing repairs and maintenance to resources and equipment
  • Increase container utilization

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Ready To Get Started?

Let’s discuss your needs and talk about solutions.

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