Executive Guide to Fleet Fuel Economy, Part 1

Executive Guide to Fleet Fuel Economy, Part 1

With major flux and market volatility surrounding the cost of diesel fuel, complete with highs over $4 per gallon over sustained periods, it is crucial that businesses take full control over variables affecting fuel spend and consumption that are within their influence. One solution to spiraling fuel costs is to focus on the basic premise of conservation.

To achieve improved fuel economy in a systematic way requires a good understanding of the elements that affect vehicle performance and the development of a plan to minimize their impact. This paper is intended to provide a refresher on fuel economy basics and a discussion of savings options you may select to implement within your fleet. A complete fuel management program generally begins with fuel purchasing and ends with vehicle fuel consumption. Our focus in this document will be on vehicular aspects of fuel economy.

Part 2 of this Executive Guide will explore the challenge of driver management in a fuel conservation program.

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